Portrait of Claire Cahen, posing for camera
Portrait of Claire Cahen, posing for camera

I’m Claire Cahen (she/ her/ hers), an urbanist researcher, and educator living and working in New York City. I am a PhD Candidate in the Environmental Psychology Program at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. My research interests center on austerity, urban disinvestment, and environmental degradation; public sector labor movement decline and revitalization, and the articulation of race and class in public institutions such as social housing and schools. My dissertation examines how parents, students, and teachers negotiate cuts to public education in Newark. More broadly, it asks: in the post-recession conjuncture, how is austerity normalized and how is it contested?

I came to this research question after pursuing a number of related scholarly and professional endeavors. These include serving as: a research associate in the Housing Environments Research Group, a Digital Pedagogy Fellow with City Tech’s OpenLab, and a member of a number of labor organizations and social justice union caucuses in New Jersey and New York.

I am a Graduate Center Fellow and have taught an introductory urban studies course at City College (CUNY), as well as several semesters of a course on Human Sexuality at Hunter College (CUNY). I was also a Gittell Graduate Student Fellow, and a recipient of the Urban Affairs Association’s  2019 Travel Scholarship (UAA). In Fall 2021, I will begin a Teaching and Learning Center fellowship as well as participation in a seminar with The Racial Imaginary Institute.

On this site, you can view and download my full CV, learn more about the various blogs I contribute to, read my personal teaching and research blog, and view my recent publications.

Reach out at ccahen at gradcenter.cuny.edu.