Welcome to my personal blog

On this page you will find my personal blog posts. I use the word “personal” here to distinguish these posts from the blog series I help maintain for other university organizations/ platforms, and, notably, those I write for City Tech’s OpenLab. In the posts below, I am writing as myself–a PhD candidate, an urbanist, a researcher, and educator. These writings concern my research and teaching. They are often reflective, sometimes argumentative, and, above all, exploratory. I use categories and tags to help organize these posts: posts labeled “pedagogy” treat topics such as teaching and leading workshops at CUNY (City University of New York). Posts labeled “research” reflect on my (often ethnographic) fieldwork investigating urban austerity and social movements for public investment. As with all reflective writing, these posts provide a starting point to make sense of my thoughts and experiences. But I also hope they will be helpful for others–perhaps PhD students and academics researching similar topics, perhaps other educators in public universities. As much as possible, I aim to share resources here that I have found enhance my work. I also aim to write about things that I encounter that I hope will resonate with others working in urban studies, urban education, and more.

Feel free to comment, collaborate, share concern and free-roaming thoughts!

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